Where do SS14 trends come from: Part Four - An ageing world

A look behind where trends stem from.

Fourth Trend: An Ageing World

On the flip side of 'The Disengaged Youth' there is 'An Ageing World' which affects trends. This is the generation that is more likely to shop for classic items that are sewn to made to last. 

With low birth rates and longer life expectancies the ageing population will have an impact in future economic growths. How will this affect SS14 trends? Well, higher quality materials such as leather will be used to create a structured contemporary shape, and colours will be less intense.


Where do SS14 trends come from: Part Two - An uncertain future

A look behind where trends stem from.


Second Trend: An uncertain future

Economic and environmental uncertainty has been at its highest level in many years. With the unpredictability of global patterns and rising sea levels, food and apparel prices will be affected. This makes consumers exercise with caution with their purchasing decisions, making them look at what is already available in the world. 

This leads to some lingerie designers only using what is readily available, off cuts of fabrics from other suppliers. And in outerwear up-cycling has become prevalent, taking the trend into embellishment and intricate detailing.

And with outer wear trends, lingerie follows to some extent. With the rise of  lingerie brands upon Etsy, hand crating your lingerie is getting to be a stronger trend.

This will be echoed in SS14 as embroidery, soft flirty fabrics that have a voluminous shape will be seen.

Where do SS14 trends come from: Part one - Global Influence

Have you ever thought where trends actually come from? I don't mean looking at catwalks or WGSN, I mean taking a step further back than that. 

Currently I am studying for my Masters in "International Fashion Management" and the first assignment is: FASHION TREND PREDICTION & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY, which basically means that you analyse the macroeconomic sector of the fashion industry. And usually where fashion goes lingerie follows or compliments it to a certain extent. 

So after spending ten weeks of looking at global trends for outerwear, I can bring you the translation to lingerie.


Although trends interlink one another and there is no set one thing influencing trends, next season sees bright colours that compliment one another.

First trend: Global Influence

There are four countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) in the economy; that are at a similar newly advanced economic stage.  Due to their sustained economic development there will be further growth as these countries seek new opportunities beyond their home shore.

Brazil will influence the trends of SS14 as next year the country, which has won bids to host both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, will have a further impact in boosting the countries economy and influence on the fashion trends. 

This is a trend that echoes the colours of a Brazilian carnival. Think bright, cold, playful colours, and although the colours are bold, the palette is complimentary.

S/S’14 sees these playful palettes of bright zesty yellow sitting alongside china blues and flashes of pink.