What's your next step?

No doubt you're here because you love lingerie and either want to design it or to make it, but don't know what to do next.

I'll cover the most FAQ that people ask about my products and what direction to head in on this website. Pick one which you think most represents you.

1. I am a total newbie, I have no idea about designing but have a great idea and would love to be a lingerie designer.

Okay start with the basics, first book would be "How to become a Lingerie Designer" this books outlines all the ideas you need to think about before you start your label, next I would recommend "The Anatomy of a Bra" this book contains a detailed breakdown of all the components of a bra, and the different types of bra shapes, it also covers the subject on sizing (in different countries).  Follow the blog as well, it covers a whole range of lingerie advice.

2. I know a bit about lingerie design, I have drawn my ideas down, but can't sew but would like to.

Like above I would start with the two books recommended, also take a look at the "How To" page it contains sewing advice, also the "Advice page" has a list of lingerie courses to attend. Also if you're practising sewing, I would recommend the lingerie patterns, they have step-to-step instructions and you'll gain a finished garment that fits, there by you'll build your sewing confidence up quicker. And you can contact me on query on the patterns if you have any.

3. I have smashed out my designs, have a sample and am ready to approach a factory.

Have you written a spec sheet (a size sheet) or tech pack (a information pack on how you want the design to made up)  I can recommend the two books, "How to Spec a bra and brief" and "How to write a bra and brief Tech pack" also the design sheets, these are a template for spec sheets and tech packs for you to fill in.

4. I have designs done, on paper, but I do not experience with the technical side of lingerie and don't plan to do it myself.

Contact me, I can send you a price list. Most of my freelance work I do, are with people starting their own lingerie label. All set to the budget you can afford, working alongside you, either teaching you the technical side of things, or taking it off your hands and completing it all for you so you have a lingerie piece that's set ready to head to a factory.

5. I am a fashion/contour student and plan to launch my label.

I would recommend the design sheets to save time and if you're wanting a recap on any on the technical side of lingerie or advice about starting your label then the four books will be a good start.

6. Okay I've read "How to become a Lingerie Designer" and "The anatomy of a bra" but it seems to be taking me ages to produce anything.

It always takes longer than you think. Can you pin point exactly what it is that's stopping you? Take a look at the Trend page for inspiration or the advice page where there are interviews from lingerie labels where they have been in the same exact position as you are in now. Also remember in the back of the books "How to become a Lingerie Designer" and "The Anatomy of the Bra" there are interviews from designers who have their own lingerie label. 

7.  I just want to sew lingerie for myself.

Check out all the patterns, more will be added in the future.