Sketchbook - SS15 trends

When people look at my sketch book and lingerie drawings, I think they are subsequently disappointed. There is no grandeur, no immaculate drawings, instead you are greeted with black biro scribbles and magazines tears for colours.  

I treat the sketch book as a place to jot down shapes that I want to use for the next season. So far removed is my sketchbook form the final finished product, that it never sees the light of day to prying eyes. Presentations are given with polished boards and ideas. But the idea is to show you the process into what goes into making a collection including everything that is hidden, and to demonstrate that even after 13 years of designing the sketchbook should be used as a reference to come back to. I like to design from seeing the fabric first, so those first shape ideas that are jotted down, are just that: ideas.

INFLUENCE: The collection is inspired by adventure, being fearless and bright colours.

ACCEPTANCE  - the collection is inspired by simplicity. Again in showing you the starting point of a collection you will see that a sketchbook can be rough and not finished. As after all it's only a starting point. Next we move on to looking at fabrics and finalising the collection.