Fitting lingerie without a tape measure

Fitting lingerie can be a tricky especially if you are fitting on yourself, by yourself. The more you fit the more you will know how much to reduce or extend your pattern by. But the tricky part can be when you are fitting the back of your design whilst wearing it, whilst by yourself.

It’s a bit unconventional, but it comes in handy to know the width of your fingers, so by laying your hands over your lingerie , you can work out instantly how much you need to say lower the neckline of your bra. This comes in handy when you haven’t a tape measure to hand or can’t physically see or hold the tape measure against your lingerie.

Obviously the tape measure is more accurate and this doesn’t work if you are having to reduce by less that 1cm (unless you have tiny hands) but this method is great for getting you out of tricky spots or when you are pushed for time, or using both hands each side to pinch out excess fabric.

geometric crop top and high waist briefs

I fitted the crop above, and by simple things such as laying my finger over the top of it to see how it would look lower, I knew instantly that it needed to be lowered by 1.5cm (width of my finger). I also knew by using this measuring method that the back top side needed to be lowered by 1.5cm, this measurement would have totally impossible to get the tape straight and to read it.

measuring a crop top

So by looking at my notes I know that four finger widths up I need to move the bust point of the pattern seam towards the outer seam by one finger width. And also the bottom of the seam towards the back by one finger width (1.5cm) , so when It comes to altering my pattern I shall add 1.5cm at the bottom of the front side panel and take 1.5cm off the bottom of the back panel, blending into the top of the side seam.

I can do a blog showing exactly how I altered the pattern if anyone wants?

Anyway hope this tip helps you and saves you time in the future.

*This set will up in the Vanjo section after the new year.