How a dream became a reality now becomes a name change

First came the book, then followed the website with the name "How to become a Lingerie Designer" . The idea came about after receiving requests for advice from people how to start their own label.

This was back when I was running my lingerie brand 'Vanjo', after researching what was out there I noticed that there were many fashion books but not relating solely on lingerie.

After returning back to the UK after lingerie designing in Melbourne, Australia; HTBALD grew allowing me to take it on full time whilst freelancing.

Four books later HTBALD was no longer just about becoming a Lingerie Designer, it was about all the different aspects of designing lingerie. About owning your designs and believing in them, and now my job is to support you, to do that. So it  seemed only natural to umbrella all the aspects of lingerie design under a different name.

This expansion has been not only with technical books "How to spec a bra and brief" and "How to write a bra and brief tech pack" but also with design sheets, to help you take the next step with the technical side of lingerie. Having been there before, I understand that it's those parts that can take your time researching and working them out.

'Van Jonsson Design' now guides you through every aspect of lingerie design, including patterns to get you started, and on the blog are "How to" tutorials and Advice about the industry.

van jonsson design logo lingerie

What's to come is further design sheets and another book is being drafted "How to grade a Bra and Brief" which is the third book in the trilogy of the "How to" books, also I've received such a great response to the patterns, that more will be released. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions on what you would like more knowledge on, then please let me know. 

Welcome to Van Jonsson Design. 


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