Specification sheets and tech sheets digital downloads

One of the common questions I get asked is how to set out a specification sheet, or a technical pack, and although some of you know what information to put in them, it's sometimes the lay out that seems to eat up your time. 

With that in mind you can now finally download a template for both sheets. 

The specification sheet pack consists of three sheets which includes a bra and briefs specification sheet. On one sheet is the 'Point of measurement' references which will guide you where you need to measure (ie centre front/waist relaxed etc) then the other sheets are blank for your own measurements if they differ from the ones given. 

lingerie specification and tech sheets

The technical pack sheets comprises of eight sheets and contains detailed bra and brief industry standard pages for you to use, and record your designs. As well as the construction page there is also a fabric page and packaging page for factory references. This pack is suitable if you are wanting to record and log your designs so you can come back for future reference. It's also laid out so it suitable for hand over to a manufacturer to get your garments made.

* Please note that both packs only contain the layouts of the specification sheet and technical pack, they do not contain how to write them or detailed information of what exactly to put on them. This information can be found in the following books:

How to Spec a bra and brief and How to write a Bra and Brief tech pack. which can be bought as a hard copy or as a digital down load.