Spring Summer 2019 Colour Trends

The colours for Spring/Summer 2019 are bright and punchy, I’ve chosen two of them to look at today; Terrarium Moss (PANTONE 18-0416) and Sweet Lilac (PANTONE 14-2808). The Moss “conjures up thoughts of flourishing foliage and the physical beauty in the natural world, whilst the endearing sweet lilac is represents a quiet charm” Pantone.

pantone terrarium moss
pantone sweet lilac

Also for the trends of Spring Summer 2019 draws inspiration from previous eras, bright colours are mixed, fabrics are delicate and layered. Think mesh and tulle. Nature plays a great source of influence with this season with floral being a strong impact on the design.

Natural fabrics still play a key part, with bamboo, for comfort and silk for that luxurious feel. Subtle appliqué adorns the cups of bras and front of briefs, the whole look is dreamy yet achievable. Texture is still prevalent too, be that lace added to seams or flock spots upon mesh, the whole style is all about wanting to reach out and touch the garment before you put it on.

colour trends Spring Sumer 2019

*Images taken from Pinterest.

AW18/19 trend - Dimensional Thinker

AW18/19 trends, Dimensional Thinker,  brings us a place to dream, a place to wander; a place to seek harmony and create refuge from the daily bombardment of the modern pace of life. It’s time to seek peace that lies within us that is echoed with the view of the star lit sky.

With this it’s the Pantone colour “ultraviolet 18-3838” that is the colour of this season bringing inspiration from those said skies.



The dark wonder of what lies ahead this season is for the dreamer, for the non-conformer, for the nomad to be free. Bringing no boundaries, no limits, no restrictions and no rules. This trend is all about the thought into what nature brings, the beauty of the raindrops on the spider's web against the harshness of man made elements.

With the sky bringing a concept sci-fi feel, the stars echo fabrics of an metallic feel, think silver, think sequins, think sparkles. Lace has silver threaded through its design which translates to the skies structure which lends itself to line drawings with a geometric formation in prints and a complex feel in lace with a repeat pattern throughout the framework of the design.  Alongside the delicate nature of the lace and fabrics sits the strong graphic view, where shapes are angular and jagged. 

Colour wise as well as the purple, yellows take on an Amber tone and Blues become energetic; think beach get aways where the softness and aged washed landscapes meet the stark look of the rocks on the beach.  


Top five Pantone colour trends for SS16

If you've been following How to become a Lingerie Designer on Instagram or Facebook, you will have seen the colour trend boards for SS16 pop up each day with a different colour.

Today is the final one I love: Snorkle Blue, 

I think Trend boards are a great way to be inspired and to re-group your ideas on your designs. For those who missed the other four  - here they are below.

Which one is your favourite?

Colour of the year 2015: Marsala

Love it or hate it; 2015 pantone colour of year goes to Marsala (or technical name: 18-1438). This earthy rich red wine colour strikes an elegant colour when used by itself or a sophisticated accent when paired with other colours. 

And with SS15 already here, the catwalks and shops have already filtered this colour (or similar hues) into their Lingerie brands.

                                                                                                             TOPSHOP SET

                                                                                                             TOPSHOP SET

                                                                                        ELLE MACPHERSON CAMI AND SHORTS

                                                                                        ELLE MACPHERSON CAMI AND SHORTS

                                                                                         FLEUR OF ENGLAND SOFT BRA

                                                                                         FLEUR OF ENGLAND SOFT BRA

                                                                                          STELLA MCCARTNEY

                                                                                          STELLA MCCARTNEY

Acceptance mood board - SS'15 trend

The 'Acceptance' Trend differs from the 'Influence' trend in that it's much simpler. The mood boards have been styled that way also. Again three mood boards, representing colour and feeling, type of fabrics I may use and a board on shapes and detailing.  

The next stage from this would be sourcing fabrics and designing from a starting point. 


Influence mood board - SS'15 trend

Having sourced some images for a trend I'm calling 'Influence'  the next stage was to put them into a mood board, this means that I have a reference when looking for fabrics or designing the lingerie.

The mood board should evoke some feeling when you look at it, remember there is no wrong or right when it comes to designing a mood board. For this theme my mood boards represent: colour, detailing and shapes.


Spring/Summer '15 Trends - INFLUENCE & ACCEPTANCE

For SS/15 I'll be looking at the two trends that I think are strong and want to design from. I've called my two SS/15 collections are called  "Influence" and "Acceptance".

"Influence"  - the power to affect or sway, with the capacity to have an effect on your character. The collection is inspired by adventure, being fearless, bright colours with kitsch patterns such as deck chairs. It's inspired by the sea, being free, with traditional things being updated to modern life. Colour plays a big part.


"Acceptance"   - the action of consenting to an action, a belief in something. The collection is about beauty, about letting go, with simplicity being beautiful, striped back to the bare minimums, re-telling stories through stories already told, looking at the untouched.

Trend boards to follow... 

It's Fluro-tastic...


With an obsession still with fluro, 'Claudette' bras were purchased, though personally the band was a helluva lot tighter than I wear, so opted for a bigger band/smaller cup.