Video of SS14 trends and a question that made me think...

After a conversation about trends and fabric sustainability with Gill Gledhill, from Premiere Vision - a trend predication company. She raised a question which got me thinking, she asked 'How many items in your wardrobe do you have which you would pass onto your children?' 

With fast fashion now the norm, I have to admit there are not many. Which got me further thinking on then to underwear, how many times have I in the past, bought an item because of the look and not the fit? How many bras do I own yet only wear the selected comfy few? Immersing myself deep within trends each year, my lingerie list of items I adore grows, but with it now grows the urge to take better care of the items I select and to buy the items I only truly love and that fit. But with an insight into future trends and current ones, sometimes the heart does rule the head.



Marlies Dekkers SS13 and hardly a strap in sight


Looking forward and totally curious with what Marlies Dekker’s 2013 collection would bring. Her signature style of strapping criss-crossing the body, back and forth, has been seized (as many beautiful trends are) by the mainstream high streets. A look into Topshop last season and H & M this season, highlights the strappy effects.
So stand forth this collection, with hardly a strap in sight. Just beautiful well crafted elegant designs.