Another review of "The Anatomy of the Bra"

When we don our favourite bra we don’t usually think about how it was designed and why?  Now a new book by Lingerie designer and author Laurie van Jonsson seeks to enlighten those of us who are interested in the anatomy, design, and that all important topic – cup size.

“The Anatomy Of The Bra” looks closely at the bra and draws on the authors thirteen years of experience in the industry to explain the technical difficulties and some of the innovative ideas that have helped shape (pun intended) La Brassiere.  Knowing first hand how daunting and confusing it can be to understand the technicalities of how a bra works, the author has penned an interesting volume; not just for up and coming designers and the lingerie industry, but also for anyone interested in how the humble bra works!

If however you wish to design your own bra the book provides a detailed break down of a bra’s components, anatomical design principles, and a list of international websites where you can buy all your lingerie materials and components to help you get started.

You can buy the Ebook now at Amazon and begin the journey to designer lingerie fame!

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