Will the diamanté T-bar thong re-appear?

Looking at the bow back tie of Sonata Lingerie,  takes me back to when Damaris first brought her collection out of 'bum cleavage' briefs. Low cut briefs with a big tie at the top at the back so you could see your bum cleavage.



I was designing for the high streets at the time they came out, but that didn't stop me mocking up a pair personally to see how they would wear. Though think, black fish net fabric at the back and red non stretch satin at the front (forgive me it was the early Noughties).  

So I looked back through my portfolio to see what I was designing, and for 'Next' it was the diamanté T-bar thong. Each design got more elaborate and we designed, made and shipped that many, that we wondered when the trend would end. But like all trends it eventually does. So the question I suppose is, do you think the trend will ever return to the high street?