Distance learning Core bra pattern cutting & grading course

After the successful release of the first edition of the "Distance Learning Core Bra Pattern Cutting & Grading Course (The Package.)"  Perfect for those of you unable to attend the two day course that runs.

THERE WILL BE A the second release which will be the "Plus Fit Bra Pattern Cutting & Grading Course." These courses are based on the extended version of the 2 day courses that David Morris teaches from the Innovation Centre at De Monfort University in Leicester.


Course Content brochure will be sent to those interested and will include:


1. Plus fit Bodyshape

2. The engineering of Plus Fit bra shape

3. Drafting the 32F Wired Block

4. Plus fit Fabrics, Wire grading & components

5. Plus fit grading rules

6. Drafting the 32F Soft Bra Block

7. Styling Project 1 - Drafting and modifying 32F Plus fit Soft Bras

8. Construction process

9. Styling Project 2 - Drafting and modifying a classic Plus fit Soft Bra

10. Plus fit Soft Bra grading rules

11. Overview of Plus fit styles

12. Construction process

13. Styling Project 3 - Drafting the 34GG Bra

14. Styling Project 3 - Darted 36 GG Bra

15. Fitting Plus Fit Bras

16. Using Adobe illustrator to draft plus fit bra patterns

17. Further Plus fit grading methods

Titles to follow on from this course are:

Sports Bra Pattern Cutting & Grading. 

Moulded Bra Pattern Cutting & Grading.


This package and the following courses cost £200 each.

One on one Tutor support will be made available through Skype (If required.)

A closed Facebook group has been set up for this course. This can be used as a central resource point for the course and a place to communicate with all other students that are currently working through the course

If you are interested please contact Dave Morris by email at dmorris@iatechnical.com and we will be able to send you all the information about Distance Learning and this course.   click here for the website.

Would love to hear how you get on.