How to Tech, Spec and Grade a bra and brief

It’s finally here !!

*The book How to tech, spec & grade a bra and brief is available to pre-order with a 20% discount. And will be shipped out by 14th February.

Back in 2013 I started to write the technical book and all the aspects of getting your lingerie designed the technical way, with tech packs, spec sheets and grading your lingerie. With understanding and being able to write and read a specification sheet, writing a tech pack and learning and being able to grade a bra and brief, being the main important aspects as I realised there wasn’t much out there at the time. I was eight months pregnant when I finished the first draft, and knew I had to release the book in three parts before being able to release it in one big book. This was so I could concentrate on the content and for it not to be rushed and for all angles to be covered.

Fast forward five years later (and weirdly being nearly eight months pregnant again) it has finally been all wrapped up into one book. So just to clarify this book contains “How to spec a bra and brief, How to write a bra and brief tech pack, and How to grade a bra and brief”.

I know when I finished university I didn’t really understand writing a spec sheet, was pretty clueless about fashion technical drawings, writing a tech pack, working as a garment technologist or pattern maker, or even liaising with lingerie manufacturers. I just knew how to design lingerie and make the basic patterns and knew a little about grading lingerie.

The vision from the start was to take three or four bra and brief styles and repeat them throughout each section. so you could follow how that style went through each process. Which lets me honest, the technical side of lingerie design can be tricky enough without trying to piece everything to together.

So this book will take your beautiful designs and get them moving a step further down the line of production, from idea to reality, and even if you plan to outsource everything, it’s always handy to know how it all works.

how to tech, spec and grade a bra and brief

Below the image of each book which is now available to buy in one book. So whether you need help with it all or just one part of the technical side of lingerie design you can pick and choose what you need.

how to grade lingerie

Below is a look at each start of the section of the book about the same style of design.

how to spec, tech and grade a bra and brief

Helping you design lingerie with Technical design packs

Are you stuck with needing help and support with your lingerie designs?

Launching seven packs to propel your lingerie designing and label forward. Complied together from the most requests received in how I can help designers with their lingerie, that can be printed out and use as templates to transform your lingerie business

The following design packs are designed to save you time and giving  you the confidence and the freedom to set and achieve your goals within the lingerie industry.

The design sheets are self-explanatory, and quick and easy to use.

Design pack one: Fabric & Trim Design Packs

"Keep a track of all fabrics and trims in one place for future use"

This Fabric and trims sheet is a place to note down the cost and fabric supplier of everything you order, keeping it in one place. When you buy a fabric a fabric or trim, noting down where you received it from, what the fabric is made from and how much it cost will save you time in the future.  No more trawling through receipts to find the cost or supplier. It's no rocket science this form, but how many of us has stashed fabrics or trims to use later, and then not been able to find any information about it?

Once all the information is filled in, just file the sheet away to locate later.

Design Pack two: Style progress Pack

"Design and map out your lingerie ideas the technical way"

Note down lingerie designs on a style sheet

The Style progress sheet is designed so you can record your design idea progress, in one handy sheet. Noting down what fabrics are being used, any key construction or special measurements.This sheet is useful if you are an independent designer hand making your entire collection and don’t need the full Technical pack but all the information on one page.

The sheet is also important if you do decide to take your collection to the next stage and wish to get it manufactured by a factory. 

Design Pack Three: Cutting sheet Pack

"Plan, cut and sew you lingerie in order for each season"

cutting out lingerie

The cutting sheet has been created if you are an independent designer sewing your lingerie that you are producing. This is extremely helpful if you have orders coming through, working on orders ahead, or are planning to launch your own label. Work out how long it will take you to make the order, then you can plan for future orders.

Design Pack Four: Time Line Pack

"Track your lingerie progress from design to production"

This time line design pack, is invaluable for when, you want to track your design styles from start to finish. Sometimes when you're starting out it can be hard to know all the steps you may need to take to produce your lingerie so these information on the sheets are what I previously used in the industry. There are two types, one if you're an independent designer, designing and sewing up your own lingerie, and a sheet if you are going down the manufacturing route and outsourcing to a factory.

Design Pack Five: Specification Sheet Pack

"Map out your lingerie sizes the industry way"

These spec sheets are designed so you can write your key measurements from your sample, then work out and record the sizes for the full-size range. Included is an example of the "point of measurement", used in the industry, with an example of a bra, a soft bra and a brief with references to a picture with the corresponding measurements.

For those wanting an in-depth insight into how you spec a bra or brief, then the book "How to spec a bra and brief" is available to buy and will take you through step-by-step on how to complete this.

Design Pack Six: Tech Pack Sheets

"Get you lingerie manufactured the professional way"

The tech pack provides you with separate technical sheets for you to use, depending how detailed you need your tech pack to be. This tech pack provides sheets for either design labels who are outsourcing just the manufacturing, or those who are outsourcing everything including the make-up of the labels and packaging. Each sheet has a prompt for what you should write, and there are over 20+ blank sheets (all different degrees of blankness).

For those wanting an in-depth guide of writing a tech pack, there is the book "How to write a tech pack for a bra and brief" which is available to buy and will take you through step-by-step on how to complete this.

Design Pack Seven: Costing sheet Pack

"Calculate the cost price point for each piece of lingerie designed"

The cost sheet is designed so you can work out how much each piece of lingerie designed costs to make.  It requires you to work out and measure how much elastic is on each piece, and how much fabric is used. Including adding VAT if you're VAT registered.

Then importantly is the percentage that gets added when you want to sell to either wholesale or direct.

*For those wanting more advice on how to cost your lingerie, there is a section in the "How to to become a Lingerie Designer" book