Sketchbook Sunday - December

I have more ideas than time to make lingerie or design the patterns, so I’m often reaching for my sketch book to either develop ideas , sketch designs or produce new ones. This week with time pressing, I grabbed a coffee and used the balconette template for my bra ideas to sketch designs on.

fashion design templates

It’s great to look back for inspiration or produce technical fashion drawings for clients, or like recently produce the e-book “How to Sketch a bra and brief” which contains tips on How to draw, fashion design templates and technical drawings all using the same shape.

So if you are struggling with your shapes, how to draw or ideas then take a look at the e-book, it has over 12 different shapes including underwire bras.

I try and do sketches every week, so it’s a great opportunity to take time out and let your mind wander to the new things you want to create, as it seems that most of my time is taken up with paper work and emails etc, but time as it is, realistically sketching doesn’t always happen, but here is the only other one I managed in December.

lingerie sketches