"Anatomy of the Bra" book is now published

The book went live yesterday to buy as an ebook from Amazon. It'll be a couple of weeks yet before it's out of hardback. 


So if you want an insight to how a bra works technically, or simply want to know your demi cup from a full cup?  Then this book is perfect for you

Aimed at helping understand the technicalities of a bra, the book is written from the perspective within the industry, to help people understand the difference between different shape cups and how your bra size is determined. It also goes into a detailed breakdown of the bra and includes a list of international websites where you can buy lingerie materials and components. 

Having designed for over thirteen years I know how daunting and confusing it can be to understand the technicalities of how a bra works, so I asked established Lingerie Designers the following question.

“What aspect of designing a bra do you find most technically challenging?”

You may just be surprised by their answers.