How vanjo is made - the technical part

Lingerie should be well made to support and last. And whilst we are not making any wild claims that we are the best fitting lingerie out there (never trust a brand that does, there are too many different types of boobs to ever fulfil that claim), we can tell you how and why our lingerie made.


All of our bras are fully lined, don’t get me wrong I love barely there lace but with the weight of a breast that needs supporting, but just stretch lace is not going to cut it.

The outer part of your breast is the heaviest part, so the inner part of the fabric stretches in a different direction to the outer fabric to create more support. The wings are lined as the main support should come from the under-band, but who just wants boring plain wings? Not us, so by lining them we can choose the outer part of the fabric.

The centre of your bra if made in stretch, is not only is lined to match the rest of the bra, but denier is inserted between the two fabrics so it doesn’t stretch and will give you support.

By lining everything, not only does that make no seams on show to rub, it also means that where natural stress occurs on the bra, we have be able to do extra stitching on the bra sewing the two pieces together, ensuring that your bra lasts longer. This mainly occurs where the cups meet the under-band (two rows of stitching have been added there) and where the cups meet the wings.

Elastic has also been thought out and is definitely not an after thought, all the elastic needs to stretch a certain amount (and not stretch a certain amount) and have a good recovery. Whole cute designs have been scrapped at the wearing fitting trials due to the elastic not being right.


Where it is able the side seams of the brief is top stitched down after being overlocked, this is usually an occurrence on the briefs made out of mesh or lace, this not only gives you a flat seam side and nicer inside finish, but also makes your lingerie last longer. We are unable to do this with the cotton/elastane briefs due to that they would make the seam go wavy were we to add another sewing process on top of the overlocking.


We recommend that all lingerie is hand washed , it may be time consuming but it does keep your Vanjo’s in tip top shape. Due to body heat, and continuous wear the elastic can stretch over time; and the lotions and potions we put on our body can stain the fabrics.

However we understand that sometimes it’s not possible to hand wash your lingerie at certain times, so we recommend machining on a cold wash and never ever tumble dry your Vanjo!

We are however unable to refund any lingerie that has been machine washed (and yes you can tell), our lingerie is designed and sewn to last, however as you’ve probably discovered with your other lingerie, continuous machine washing damages your lingerie, from twisted straps, wavy elastics and discolourations between the bra and straps (they are different based fabrics so wash entirely different). So where possible hand wash your Vanjo, it lasts a lot longer that way!