AW18/19 trend - Dimensional Thinker

AW18/19 trends, Dimensional Thinker,  brings us a place to dream, a place to wander; a place to seek harmony and create refuge from the daily bombardment of the modern pace of life. It’s time to seek peace that lies within us that is echoed with the view of the star lit sky.

With this it’s the Pantone colour “ultraviolet 18-3838” that is the colour of this season bringing inspiration from those said skies.



The dark wonder of what lies ahead this season is for the dreamer, for the non-conformer, for the nomad to be free. Bringing no boundaries, no limits, no restrictions and no rules. This trend is all about the thought into what nature brings, the beauty of the raindrops on the spider's web against the harshness of man made elements.

With the sky bringing a concept sci-fi feel, the stars echo fabrics of an metallic feel, think silver, think sequins, think sparkles. Lace has silver threaded through its design which translates to the skies structure which lends itself to line drawings with a geometric formation in prints and a complex feel in lace with a repeat pattern throughout the framework of the design.  Alongside the delicate nature of the lace and fabrics sits the strong graphic view, where shapes are angular and jagged. 

Colour wise as well as the purple, yellows take on an Amber tone and Blues become energetic; think beach get aways where the softness and aged washed landscapes meet the stark look of the rocks on the beach.