It can be daunting to start with but to help you out, each season I am taking you through with a step-by step tutorial of each stage of designing. The first one that we are starting with is Spring/Summer'15. These steps are probably set at a slower pace than in real life if you were a lingerie designer, (depending what time scale you are working on).

They are designed to take you through the whole concept of becoming a lingerie designer, from trends, mood boards, images from the sketch book, final collection, patterns, specs, costs and the make up of lingerie. Although you may not have the luxury of your time to complete each section in such detail if you're starting up your own lingerie label, due to other matters such as sorting out your website and doing your accounts, you may only have time to roughly jot a sketch down rather than perfect each design. And that's okay, when I ran my Label 'Vanjo' I rarely did sketches I mainly worked with fabrics and knew how the end result would usually look, but I had the advantage of working and designing for high street stores for previous years.