If you want to start to work out your size in Vanjo lingerie measure around your ribcage – this will indicate your band size, so if you measure a 32, you will wear a 32 inch back.

Then measure around your fullest part of your breast either in a soft bra or crop top, and then subtract the band size measurement from the bust measurement and determine your cup size as follows: (for example if you measure a 32 band and measure 37 inches around the fullest part of your breast. Then the difference is 5 inches so that would give you a DD cup, a 32DD would be your size.


  • . less than 1 inch = AA cup

  • . 1 inch = A cup

  • . 2 inches = B cup

  • . 3 inches = C cup

  • . 4 inches = D cup

  • . 5 inches = DD cup

  • . 6 inches = E cup (US DDD)

  • . 7 inches = F cup (US DDDD)

  • . 8 inches = FF cup

For those who want to know why? - So how are the cup sizes worked out? (the technical bit)

Well when a bra get graded from one size to the next 5cm is added in total around the body, so the projection of the cup increases by 2.5cm (approx 1 inch, this is why this method starts to wavier above a FF cup as 2.5cm is not exactly 1 inch). So a 32DD pair of boobs are projecting out further (by approx 1 inch) than a 32D pair of boobs. So your cup size is related to how it is graded. 


Does Vanjo come in my size?

 We stock the following sizes:-

 Vanjo Bras – 26C-34C, 26D-34D, 26DD-34DD, 26E-34E, 26F-34F, 26FF-34FF

These sizes are what we specialise in and what we have done fitting trials in and sourced our fabrics for. If you fall out of this size range please contact us and email us your size you’re requesting and we’ll let you know if it is possible in the styles we have.

 Vanjo Briefs – X/S, S, M, L X/L

Please see below for size guide.

sizing vanjo bras