Costing Sheet

costing out lingerie
costing out lingerie

Costing Sheet


Work out the cost of piece of lingerie you design.

"Calculate the cost price point for each piece of lingerie designed"

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The cost sheet is designed so you can work out how much each piece of lingerie designed costs to make.  It requires you to work out and measure how much elastic is on each piece, and how much fabric is used.

The quickest way to work out how much fabric is used measure out 1 meter of the fabric (you can use paper if you want to draw around the pieces) and place the pattern onto the fabric, repeating the lay until you've covered the fabric. For example, if you can fit one front, one back (and a gusset piece) onto the fabric sixtimes, then one meter of fabric will make six briefs.

Therefore 1 brief = 0.16m (1 divide by 6), *this is cost purposes as 0.16cm may not fit one brief on.

I have added LTTG which stands for: labels, time, tickets and grading. This is the extras which you can't always add on, yours may be different to mine (higher overheads? only one pattern?) I worked mine out by calculating a rough time it took to complete the extras, and pitched it against what I would sell.

I have also added what it would take to in fabric and trims to make 10, 20 or 100 pieces, I think this is important so you can project what it will take when you produce a higher quantity of lingerie.

After adding it all together, there is a space to add on VAT, if you're VAT registered.

Then importantly is the percentage that gets added when you want to sell to either wholesale or direct.


Compromising of five sheets with a How to use sheet, examples of costing a bra and brief and directions of how you can cost out each piece of your lingerie.