Strap me in....

Remember a time when bra straps were meant to be hidden, when showing your bra strap was faux pas. A halter neck required a strapless bra. Pretty bra straps or even clear bra straps could be bought when wearing that racer back. There are actually forums discussing if it’s okay to show your bra straps.


A lingerie label who designed bra straps to be seen, back in 1993 well before ‘Lady Gaga’ showcased her undergarments simply by shying away from outerwear; was Marlie Dekkers, with her ‘Undressed’ label.

Her strong statement lingerie saw multiple straps to be seen.

Having always loved this look, I’ve been disappointed that I’ve been unable to find my size of 30DD, so have always been on the look out for other brands that designs are similar.

Bordelle launched their collection in 2007, but sadly come in S, M and L.

This year Ultimo, has designed a strappy bra, well more of a cut out bra. ‘The Forbidden Shelf bra’ but sadly, again no sign of my size.

Topshop bra

Topshop bra

And now Topshop has launched lingerie with straps to be seen, and when it hits the high streets, it shows there is never a more appropriate time to don your lingerie to the outside.  
I just have to hope that this trend becomes main stream in the larger cup size, that or head back to my sewing machine.

How to wear colour blocking, so it's not colour shocking

When colour blocking started to hit the runways from Etro, Maxmara and Jill Sanders just to name a few – you knew it was going to be a strong trend, I was secretly hoping that with all good trends that it would filter on down to Lingerie.
For the past ten years, colour blocking seems to rear it’s head at least once a season in swimwear, from the colour block swimsuit with strong panels of colour, to being able to buy bikinis seperately so you can create your own style of colour blocking with bottoms one colour and your top another.

Yet it rarely filters down to Lingerie. So I’ve been on the hunt to find some amazing pieces so you too can transpose your obsession right on down – ‘quite literally’ to your undies.

First up is ‘Miss Mandalay’ - I’m an avid fan of this brand, their fits are consistent, their sizing goes up to a 38GG and they’ve cracked it by realising that just because you wear big bras doesn’t mean you want or need to wear big knickers. Two ranges caught my eye – ‘Paige Limeade’ which embraces the clashing of colours itself, and ‘Gigi Red’ with looks great, when you take colour blocking into your own hands, and wear the bra with a pair of bright turquoise briefs.

Next up is ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ this brand is great at mixing traditional Lingerie fabric, with high end fashion fabrics, there look is a strong one and has quite a glam feel to it all. They start from an A cup and go up to a DD cup.

Miss Mandalay, Dirty Pretty Things, Figleaves

Miss Mandalay, Dirty Pretty Things, Figleaves

For those just wanting to dip a ’nipple’ in this trend, and want a more affordable option,  then ‘Just Peachy by Figleaves’ is your option. With the same style of lingerie coming in an array of colours you can mix it up but still be matching (ie wear the navy bra with red knickers) as they will be in the same fabric. The bra below, alone comes in six colours – beige, black, navy, red, teal and white. I’m yet to try this brand; but out of 247 reviews it scored :- 4 1/2 stars. Sizing starts at a B cup right up to a G cup. 

The key to getting colour blocking in lingerie right is to either; pick lingerie which has two strong colours already clashing, or if you are wanting to mix the bra and briefs ensure the items have just one single colour, then it’ll won’t look like you can’t find the knickers to your bra.

Personally I’m hoping colour blocking is here to stay for awhile yet longer – getting ready in the morning has never taken so quick.