Rocking around the Xmas Tree

It's not December yet but i've been searching for lingerie to wear at Christmas time, though searching for Christmas Lingerie online, what inevitably  pops up is red mesh bras or briefs with a white fur trim.

If you'd rather not look like Mrs Claus (and i'm in that camp) but still want a elegant Xmas feel - think red, gold, or rhinestones, then check out these pieces.

Each design though completely different has a superb strong design that you won't mind peeking out from under your clothes. Roll on Christmas. 

Are High streets taking a step too close?

So we all know that the high streets designs consist of  of designs watered down from designers (as well as their own) but has H&M this season taken it all a bit too close?


Looks very similar to Dirty Pretty Things...


This bra styling...


looks suspiciously like Damaris’s SS12 range.


Signature strapping is also being used...


like from Marlies Dekkers ranges.


What’s happened to inspiration rather than imitation?