Founded in 2012, the book 'How to become a Lingerie Designer' was published to inspire and give guidance to those who long to enter the industry, and start their own label. Written from the perspective from within the lingerie trade, the book delivers advice on creative and technical design.

Following the book, along came the blog, which observes a more in depth look at lingerie labels, trends, sewing techniques and tips, and designing your own collection. This website provides you with patterns and design ideas, as well as technical advice across the range of books.

Following the books I went on to specialising in working for and helping new designers who have great lingerie design ideas but who need support and help with all the technical side of designing. To find out more please look at "work with me".

I started my journey by graduating with a BA HONS (2:1) in Fashion & Textiles in 2000. Obsessed with detail and thriving on all things fashion and lifestyle, I began to design for a multitude of high street stores, designing lingerie and swimwear.

As a designer one of the highlights of my career is seeing my designs on people, but let's face it designing lingerie (or swimwear) you don't often to get to see your designs on others! Randomly I have so far spied my designs; whilst watching TV on a reality star, and then when gaining my 'Dive Master' qualification in Thailand, there sat opposite me on the dive boat was a girl wearing a bikini I had designed back in the UK. 

Haunted by the infatuation to find the perfect fitting bra, and tired of never have a comfy bra to travel in or for long haul flights, I went on to launch my own brand 'Vanjo' which specialised in smaller backs and larger cups. I was the first independent brand above an E cup to be stocked in Topshop.  In 2007 I won the Design and Innovation 'Shell Live Award' for Stylish business success, which led me to lecture on fashion courses.

After travelling, living and working on different continents for ten years, I wanted a place to call home and finally established roots back in the UK. With the principal that all things should be designed with intent and not just appeal I started to work on 'Van Jonsson Design' full time, working freelancing and expanding  the website, by writing technical books, design sheets and designing patterns.

Seeing new designers always fills me with awe and admiration as I have been there, and know the time and dedication it takes to convert your dream to a reality.

I am incredibly grateful for all the readers, and enjoy hearing your thoughts and working with you on your designs.




The original ethos of the brand remains:

Made from Organic or Re-claimed fabrics.

Made by hand in the UK

Made for wandering & adventures

Made for the sake of support

Made in the interest of bra size 26C - 34FF

Need to know more?


As well as writing and producing books, I specialise in working with start up designers.

Some of the work I can provide are: drawing up your designs, writing up your spec sheets, producing tech packs. Whether you need me for one project or to work for you as a consultant for your brand, or hourly there are many options that can work for you.

I also offer one-to-one tutorials on any subject about lingerie design that can propel your idea or business further.

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. You got this.


Any questions or for me to work with you, please email : laurie@vanjonssondesign.com or email me directly using the form below.

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