HOw to tie a ribbon bow for lingerie

Being able to tie your own bows for your lingerie will not only save you money but you'll have a wider range of colours to be able to choose from - sometimes sourcing the right colour can be a headache.

how to tie a bow for lingerie

This tutorial was done using 3mm double faced ribbon

Get 3mm of ribbon and start making your bows for lingerie.

1. Measure the ribbon to 15cm

2. Fold in half, then fold in half again to make two loops, this ensures that the bow has no twists in the loops

3. Fold over the right loop over the left and through (like tying the beginning of your shoe lace). Pull through and adjust if there are any twists in the loops

4. The loops should measure 2cm, adjust accordingly

5. The tails of the bows should measure 3cm

6. Cut so they match

Bow is complete.

*please note that by making your own bows that the ends aren't sealed so may unravel after washing, cut at 45 degree angle to discourage this.

For wider bows, heated scissors can also be bought so that they cut and seal at the same time. Or a wood burning tool works as well, or even clear nail varnish at the ends or a product called 'Fray Check'. Please practise these methods, to avoid burning and to be neat.