So you want to become a Lingerie Designer? 

Between the books and the blog, this website will increase your knowledge within the Lingerie Industry.  It will provide you with trends and the design details of Lingerie that you may simply otherwise miss.

If you’ve ever thought of wanting to launch your own lingerie label but don’t know where to start then "HOW TO BECOME A LINGERIE DESIGNER" is for you. Even if you just have a dream or a vision and no experience within the lingerie trade, this book will help you reduce those months of trying to figure it all out by yourself. It’ll cut down the amount of time you spend trawling through the Internet for answers and let you concentrate on what you do best – which is designing. 

'How to be a Lingerie Designer’ covers the creative and technical side of lingerie design. Which includes grading, costing, spec sheets, working drawings and the aspects of running your own label. Alongside this, it’ll also contain inspirational interviews with designers from lingerie labels, who just like you, started out with nothing more, than a vision and determination.

Broken down into eighteen chapters, the book is designed to get you started; to take you through, step by step, through each section. The book freely covers an overview of the skills you need to become a Lingerie Designer.  

For those wanting a further in depth look into lingerie design, please take a look at "The Anatomy of the Bra", "How to Spec and Grade Lingerie" (coming soon) and "Understanding and Writing a Tech Pack" (coming soon).

The perspective of "THE ANATOMY OF THE BRA" will help give you an insight in how a bra is designed. Whether you just want to understand more about a bra, or to design your own lingerie. You will get to understand the difference between a demi-cup and full cup and how your bra size is determined. This book also provides a detailed break down of the components of how a bra is made up, with a list of international websites where you can buy lingerie materials and components.

It can be daunting and confusing to understand the technicalities of how a bra works, so we caught up with designers running their own lingerie label and asked them the following question.

“What aspect of designing a bra do you find most technically challenging?”