How to become a Lingerie Designer

The Lingerie Journal (2012) -

Laurie van Jonsson, accomplished intimate apparel expert, has written a book decoding the puzzling process for how to become a lingerie designer. A book addressing all aspects of becoming a designer, aimed at the person just starting out.

The Lingerie Lesbian (2012) -

The balance of general overview and specific practical advice definitely seemed to offer some clear, actionable points for if I wanted to become a lingerie designer. This book has a ton of information in it and it is well organized if you want to dip back in and reread a specific passage. The interviews at the end of the book with different lingerie designers including Lorna Drew, Kriss Soonik, Claire Clavering of “Kiss me Deadly” and Ayten Roberts of “Ayten Gasson.” It was nice to have all these designers with diverse experiences in one place and looking at simply the varieties of their backgrounds.

Lingerie Talk (2012)  -

How do you make the leap from school to launching your own lingerie brand? And is it even possible to become a designer without formal school-based training?  Shockingly, there are few resources available to help aspiring designers answer those questions — until now. How To Become A Lingerie Designer is invaluable to anyone dreaming of such a career but without any concrete understanding of the business.

Five star review (2013) –

This book came right on time for me! I want to thank the author for sharing her knowledge of indie design. The fact that it focuses solely on lingerie is a big plus for me as I am working on launching a plus size lingerie line. I've searched high and low for information on the process, but like most things in the fashion arena, the things that would help a newbie are closely guarded industry secrets. I highly recommend this book, if you want to learn more about becoming an independent designer (not just lingerie either).


Five star review (2013) –

I like this book very much, because there is very much information in it of how to become a lingerie designer.  She tells from her own experience and I think the book is very complete in its information.  From the history of lingerie, mood boards, costings, manufacturing, photo shoots, meeting with buyers, until interviews with lingerie designers, it’s all in the book.

 Five star review (2013) –

I teach a fashion textiles and design class and I recently discovered this book. It has become an invaluable teaching tool for my students. It covers every aspect of lingerie design and offers advice and guidance in a very accessible way. I would highly recommend this book for students or people considering starting their own lingerie label or company.

The Anatomy of the Bra

Lingerie Talk (2013)  -

Her new book, The Anatomy of a Bra, is a follow-up to last year’s How To Become A Lingerie Designer, and provides a useful starting point for women who want to understand this fundamental part of their wardrobe better.

TAOAB provides a lot of technical information covering both female anatomy and the components of bra construction — all of which will be useful to design students and people working in the intimates industry. In fact, it’s a sad testament to the state of the industry that most women would benefit from reading a book like this, or any of the other shelf-full of books in recent years that educate women about bra-wearing.

Perlita (2013) -

“The Anatomy Of The Bra” looks closely at the bra and draws on the authors thirteen years of experience in the industry to explain the technical difficulties and some of the innovative ideas that have helped shape (pun intended) La Brassiere.  Knowing first hand how daunting and confusing it can be to understand the technicalities of how a bra works, the author has penned an interesting volume; not just for up and coming designers and the lingerie industry, but also for anyone interested in how the humble bra works!

Five star review (2014) -

Slightly confusing for me at first as I am a beginner but wonderful instructions and overall a really great teacher.