Inspiration or Imitation? My first filmed photo shoot.

Whilst talking to another lingerie designer the other day, we got talking about whether any designs (in and out of lingerie) are ever really original. My take on design, is that nothing is ever original - the idea has to come from somewhere, however that's all it should stem from is an idea not a direct copy. 

For example when I was running my own lingerie label, I saw a video shoot from 'Ophelia Fancy',  (top film) and  when I did mine (bottom film) I took from it that I wanted  a similar retro vibe, so fuzzy images and movement on the camera.

Considering at the time I had no budget so filmed and edited it myself it was probably a wise move to want movement on the camera! Amateur as the film turned out, it did the job. And as there were hardly any independent lingerie brands back in 2008 then, doing filmed lingerie shoots got it noticed.

The key thing is to take your inspiration and use it as that - inspiration - and move it on to incorporate your final image of what you want your designs/vision to look like.

More information about Copy Right, and Inspiration can be found in "How to become a Lingerie Designer".