How to Tech, Spec and Grade a bra and brief

It’s finally here !!

*The book How to tech, spec & grade a bra and brief is available to pre-order with a 20% discount. And will be shipped out by 14th February.

Back in 2013 I started to write the technical book and all the aspects of getting your lingerie designed the technical way, with tech packs, spec sheets and grading your lingerie. With understanding and being able to write and read a specification sheet, writing a tech pack and learning and being able to grade a bra and brief, being the main important aspects as I realised there wasn’t much out there at the time. I was eight months pregnant when I finished the first draft, and knew I had to release the book in three parts before being able to release it in one big book. This was so I could concentrate on the content and for it not to be rushed and for all angles to be covered.

Fast forward five years later (and weirdly being nearly eight months pregnant again) it has finally been all wrapped up into one book. So just to clarify this book contains “How to spec a bra and brief, How to write a bra and brief tech pack, and How to grade a bra and brief”.

I know when I finished university I didn’t really understand writing a spec sheet, was pretty clueless about fashion technical drawings, writing a tech pack, working as a garment technologist or pattern maker, or even liaising with lingerie manufacturers. I just knew how to design lingerie and make the basic patterns and knew a little about grading lingerie.

The vision from the start was to take three or four bra and brief styles and repeat them throughout each section. so you could follow how that style went through each process. Which lets me honest, the technical side of lingerie design can be tricky enough without trying to piece everything to together.

So this book will take your beautiful designs and get them moving a step further down the line of production, from idea to reality, and even if you plan to outsource everything, it’s always handy to know how it all works.

how to tech, spec and grade a bra and brief

Below the image of each book which is now available to buy in one book. So whether you need help with it all or just one part of the technical side of lingerie design you can pick and choose what you need.

how to grade lingerie

Below is a look at each start of the section of the book about the same style of design.

how to spec, tech and grade a bra and brief