Mid year catch up

About every 3 months I usually have a look and catch up with myself to see how the year is going and if all that I planned for the start of the year is coming into play. I look at what’s working and what isn’t and what I want to produce content wise.

At the start of the year, I plan/draft out what I would like to achieve, set each month where by i’m just working on one project so i can see progress by the end of the month and not flitting from one project to another and then if time is short it doesn’t feel like I’m starting at the start each time.

Then end of March which co-insides with end of tax year, I go through all my figures of each section of book, ie freelance work, book sales, pattern sales etc. Then I break that down even further to see which book sold the most in money value and also a percentage of my business, this lets me see which product is doing the best and which one I need to spend more time on or get rid of. (“how to become a lingerie designer” took 38% of my sales last year) .

So June catch up is really about if I’m on target ( a month and half behind schedule currently), and what to drop. The thing is you can’t do it all, so at this stage you have to locate the most important and know that there may be projects that carry on next year.

May was to see pattern work occur, which I’m still to do, with the release of more, although it may not be as much as I would like.

First one to add to the collection is a crop top, have been working on a sized one, but it hasn’t been fitting like I would like, and when I made it to the measurements I needed, it was hard to get on. So I’m currently shelving it and going back to ones to be worn either over a bra or on their own for either sleepwear or lounge wear around the house, ie comfy but not as supportive as the other bras.

Ideas that I’ve been throwing around.


If you would like help with your lingerie drawing, this page is out of “how to sketch a bra and brief” , where there are templates available.