VAN JOURNAL: "Your Comfort Zone will Kill You" SUMMER 2019 COLLECTION

When designing a collection, you have to make the decision whether to follow fashion trends. How much do you want your designs to fit in with the fashion world, but also then be dictated when they go out of fashion?

When I worked for the high streets I followed the trends closely, produced, Winter looks, Autumn looks, Summer and Spring looks. It was fast paced and turn around from design concept to garment was speedy.

With my own collection I don’t follow trends, sure I look to see what is about, but because I buy reclaimed fabrics and trims I am not governed to what the fabric supplier design and produce for that season.

Another reason to not follow trends if you have your brand is that you produce a brand which is strong to what you want to portray and you don’t compete with the high streets or those that have the speed and money to produce on-trend collections.

So what has Vanjo in store for the Summer months of 2019?

The collection name is “Your comfort zone will kill you” and it isn’t about breaking out of a day-to-day lives that may be hard already, it’s about pushing the boundaries slightly. Appreciating what we have and adding a bit of zing back into our lives if they have turned a bit grey. Living life simply but with meaning.

Colours are strong, colours are clashing, and like the collections before black makes an appearance . The beach, the sea are still a strong influence and to echo the fluidity of the sea, fabrics are see through and delicate. Shapes are inspired by the retro eras past, reflecting strong designs and colours.

(All images taken from Pinterest)

(All images taken from Pinterest)