The change in Selling E-books to Europe

*Please note that this may be a boring post and covers not lingerie but what is happening at Van Jonsson Design HQ regarding selling e-books in Europe. THIS DOES NOT affect any digital sales outside of Europe.

A few years ago, the laws changed on charging VAT when selling in Europe on all e-books and e-patterns, basically anything digitally that you’re buying. Which means that when someone buys a digital download that lives in Europe, I have to in turn pay a different amount of VAT to that country I sell to.

Now whilst digitally there is a lower VAT rate for some countries , they are still not all the same. So I haven’t been adding the VAT for each country just absorbing it. The average VAT is 20-27%.

The UK did “attempt” to make it easier by stating you had to register to VAT (usually it’s voluntary unless you’re making above the £85,000 threshold, which as you will appreciate I do not!) then after registering each quarter you have to work out which country bought your book , then send money to each of those countries with the paperwork, as well as holding certain information about each order.

As you can imagine this can become very time consuming especially when as the GDPR came into play last May.

how to write a tech book

This year I have been trying to streamline all things paperwork to spend time on the things that matter in the business, new content, new books and new designs rather than constantly be dealing with the amount of paperwork that comes into the business. And with baby number three due end February there is literally only so much one person can do.

So with this, for 2019 all European purchases will be via Etsy or Kindle, where they have a bigger team to deal with all the VAT, there will be links on the shop taking you directly there. Sales of the hard copy of the book haven’t changed and can be bought still through this website, also if you are using a gift code for digital items then this is okay as well.

I apologise if this causes you longer time in your transactions, and no doubt it may result in less sales to the European market, but I hope to re-establish all sales within this website by next year and will be keeping an eye if any changes are made to the digital downloads rules sales within Europe.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding sales or purchases and I’ll be happy to help and answer any questions. (