Producing Ethical and Sustainable Lingerie

In a world where we are constantly reminded (and so we should be) about the planet, producing ethical or sustainable lingerie has become quite a thing, with quite a few independent brands getting on board.

When I produced 'Vanjo' the first time around (2005) I used remnants of fabrics and trims and organic cotton. Not a lot has changed with the vision apart from back then it was classed as 'Eco-friendly' Lingerie. Although there has been always been lingerie labels following this path it has increased by tenfold in the recent years, more people are aware and knowledgeable about ethical and sustainable lingerie and want to buy lingerie that not only supports them but supports the planet as well.

vanjo ethical and sustainable lingerie

There is i think, still a long way to go within the ethical and sustainable sector of the fashion market including lingerie, although I provide like other companies do, organically sourced cotton, I am still aware of the amount of water that is used to produce it, and I am currently sourcing a bamboo supplier that I am happy with, with the amounts that I want to buy. 

Producing ethical and sustainable lingerie, is no easy feat that companies take on, you need to look at where you source fabrics and trims, the fabrics's content and also how it's manufactured and by whom.  One of my favourite brands is Ayten Gasson, I met Ayten, at the Harrogate Lingerie show where we both were showcasing our brand, her designs have always been about using UK lace suppliers and manufacturing in the UK (currently made in her shop in Brighton) all without ever compromising her style or her brand.

Although I don't what the full answer is for producing ethical or sustainable clothing or lingerie, but buying less and buying well helps. If you're ensure where to start then it's not about buying the most expensive, but buying what fits you well, and something whether that is outerwear or lingerie that you will want to wear again and again.

This article is gives great examples of ethical and sustainable lingerie brands.

And goes to show that that whatever your taste or size if you want to buy into ethical and sustainable lingerie then there is a whole vast of brands out there offering you the choice.