Let's talk grading lingerie

A stumbling block to many, to those who plan to do their own grading, after they have designed and made their lingerie, is how to grade. Where to start, what to grade by, where to put the grade, basically did I mention that most people just need the knowledge of: Where. To. Start?

grading book for grading lingerie

Five years ago, I realised that there wasn’t much about all the technical side of lingerie design I began to write books on, How to write a spec a bra and brief, how to write a bra and brief tech pack and how to grade a bra and brief.

My vision was to use the same lingerie shapes throughout all the books, so you could follow the information through each one and not feel like you were starting from the beginning each time. Although I didn’t expect it to take me five years for all three of them to be released, I can finally say that the third and final book is ready (nearly).

All three technical lingerie books

All three technical lingerie books

I received the hard copy this week, and went through it’s final edit and sent it back for the amendments to be made.

*Below is a look at all three of the technical books looking at the first brief which is a standard basic brief.

All three technical lingerie books

What is in the grading lingerie book?

So each style starts with looking at the amount of grade which needs to be applied, then the next step you will be showed is where to put the grade. Then each step has an image showing you each move of the grade, that includes marking the amount you’re going to move it, then actually shifting the pattern and marking in the new lines; and then you will be shown what the patterns look like with the two sizes sat together.

A look into the lingerie grade book

Each style has been done on the computer to give clear instructions, then later in the book, you are shown an example of using an actual pattern (made smaller) and hand grading it.

grading a darted bra

Then I believe that the only way you learn properly is to do; so you get given the chance to be provided with a pattern and you work out yourself where the grade goes and then you’re walked through each step to grade your own bra. Don’t worry the answers are all included if you get stuck.

The book should be available to buy, both the hard copy and ebook by start/mid December, if you are wanting your copy sent out as soon as they arrive, then you can pre-buy a hard copy with 20% off.

Pre-order NOW.