Is UK Manufacturing coming back?

When the opportunity to visit UK Manufacturer Fashion Capital arose. I jumped at the chance. Having started my first job in Lingerie Design in a UK manufacturer, in 2000, as a supplier for the high streets. I've watched over the years the decline of making garments in Britain. So I am in full support of the rise, that UK manufacturing in the past few years has been receiving.



There is a  buzz when you walk through the factory and within the depths of the fabrics are highly skilled pattern cutters and machinists, sewing to meet the demands of independent designers, high street retailers such as Marks and Spencers and online retail giant ASOS.


With manufacturing skills being lost over the years, ASOS have teamed together with Fashion Capital to produce a 'Stitching Academy'.  Where by you can undertake a 6 week internship and gain a level one qualification in stitching skills. Providing  the skills and opportunities within the British Manufacturing sector.

Although we might never gain back the full potential of UK manufacturing, I think this factory is on it's way to putting back what we once lost. 

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