Do your bras lift you up? Or let you down?

Boobs – owned by one half, admired by the other; you would think that in this day an age, it would be easy buy lingerie. We can put man on the moon yet we still have trouble to support our boobs, tits, puppies, bangers, the girls, hooters, baps, berthas, brad pitts, bristols, rack, airbags, bazookas, breasticles, jugs, jubblies, melons, fun bags, the twins, dirty pillows, fried eggs, babylons, cans, Mary-kate & Ashley, spaniel ears, ditties, jabes, Pinky & Perky, double whammies, bee stings, mamms and the badboys.

                                                                    Everyone can get it wrong sometimes

                                                                    Everyone can get it wrong sometimes

Whatever you want to call them, 80% of women still have trouble to buy lingerie that fits them right. Upon writing this article, I wish that I had a solution, I could tell you, that would solve this dilemma and problem. Sadly with all the different brands, with all their different fits it’s a mission not to be endured lightly.Worse still when supposedly professionals get in wrong, you can end up more confused than ever, (on the same day I have ended up with four different sizes from different bra fitters – from a B cup to a DD cup!!)
So here is some advice, that can aide you along with this mission.

1. Rotate your Lingerie - like jeans; day in, day out wearing can cause stretching, but unlike your favourite pair of jeans, the elastic and stretch of the delicate fabric of you lingerie doesn’t go back. Which leads to…

2. Keep me snug baby -that is the underband – as a general rule you should only be able to one finger under the centre front of the bra, and two fingers under the centre back. If you bra is hiking up at the back, hike it out to the bin and go down a back size. If you’re one of those women that complain that they don’t like tight fitting bras or the back fat impression they give, then you’re in the wrong style bra, just because it comes in your size it doesn’t mean it’s been designed for your size.

3. Say no to the boffin top (boobs that are over spilling the cups) – we’ve all seen it, the women in the tight top with four boobs – go up a  cup size.

4. Groves in your shoulders deep enough to park your bike? - the back of you bra is too big, so your poor shoulders are taking the weight – go down a back size.

5. Cups looking like your Grannie’s face? - wrinkling all over the cup generally means the cup is too big, though if it wrinkles at the tip of the cup it generally means the cup is too small – so depending on which one it is you need to generally go down or up and cup size.

6. I’ve got wires coming out of my skin… - them pesky wires sticking out straight and not flat against your ribcage? – Go up a cup size.

7. Bra moves when arms are raised - your boobs should not fall out the bottom when you reach for the stars – go down band size.

Usually women wear too bigger underbands and too smaller cups (and here is where the science bit comes in) but as bras are usually cross graded a 34B will be the same cup size as a 32C or 30D, so if your cups are fitting right but the band is too big, go down a band size up a cup size and technically you will be wearing the same size cup bra.
For an item of clothing that is so small, it can alter the whole way we look and feel, so it’s worth, investing time into getting a bra, which fits you perfectly. Note that some companies can take up to six months to ensure the fit of the bra is correct – so there is a bra out there for you.
My last bit of advice when you find that bra - seize it, wear it, rotate it, because the trouble with designers is that they always want to design something new.