First launched in 2005, Vanjo was born out the frustration of not finding a comfy bra that fitted apart from in beige or white. Tired of unclipping my bra for every long haul flight and only finding soft bras in small medium or large, Vanjo became a brand that specialised in small backs, big boobs. I wanted my lingerie to echo my lifestyle and not compromise on my style. I wanted the lingerie to be fun; the type of lingerie you can wear and show. Show under dungarees, under a vest or simply stripping at the beach because you’re too hot. Life is too short to be conscious of your boobs or the practical lingerie you own.

Due to relaunch in mid October with the collection Navigate your way home. The collection Navigate your home, comes from a place where you find yourself or where you’re meant to be in life physically or mentally. The re-launch of the Vanjo collection feels like it’s gone full circle, and relaunching the best selling shapes with a few new ones seemed like a natural progression to providing patterns. I’ve always missed designing and making my own lingerie so ten years after I closed the label down I’m re-launching it. Navigating my way home.

The original ethos of the brand remains:

lingerie sewing

Made from Organic or Re-claimed fabrics - We will state if we haven’t been able to source this on the particular fabric we have used. Also any fabric or trim that is large enough still for lingerie to be cut out of or used, we keep them safe and when we have enough we either sell a whole bag for people wanting to do one off samples, or we give the bags away to students who always need scrap bits of fabrics for their source. Basically we never try throw anything away that can be used by someone else.

Made by hand in the UK - We don’t hold stock on anything, everything is cut and hand made to your order, it takes a bit longer that way however that means that some poor person is not stuck on the same machine, sewing the same style seam over and over and over and over and over (you get the picture) and over again. The joy you get from wearing Vanjo needs to go as far back as to the maker. This also means if you want to alter the bra slightly and bespoke to yourself, just let us know and we can accommodate your needs before we make it.

Made for wandering & adventures - With no wires and no padding means easy packing, comfort or just simply not wanting to throw off your bra the moment you walk into your house from work.

Made for the sake of support - Everyone has been there, bought a great looking bra only to find it doesn’t fit right, see the ‘Technical part’ below for explanation of how our bra works.

Made in the interest of bra size 26C - 34FF - These sizes are what we specialise in and what we have done fitting trials in and sourced our fabrics for. If you fall out of this size range please contact us and email us your size you’re requesting and we’ll let you know if it is possible in the styles we have.

And made for you to make - Some of the range you will be able to buy the exact patterns that are used, so you can create and make your own lingerie.


Lingerie should be well made to support and last. And whilst we are not making any wild claims that we are the best fitting lingerie out there (never trust a brand that does, there are too many different types of boobs to ever fulfil that claim), we can tell you how and why our lingerie made.


All of our bras are fully lined, don’t get me wrong I love barely there lace but with the weight of a breast that needs supporting, but just stretch lace is not going to cut it.

The outer part of your breast is the heaviest part, so the inner part of the fabric stretches in a different direction to the outer fabric to create more support. The wings are lined as the main support should come from the under-band, but who just wants boring plain wings? Not us, so by lining them we can choose the out part of the fabric.

The centre of your bra if made in stretch, is not only is lined to match the rest of the bra, but denier is inserted between the two fabrics so it doesn’t stretch and will give you support.

By lining everything, not only does that make no seams on show to rub, it also means that where natural stress occurs on the bra, we have be able to do extra stitching on the bra sewing the two pieces together, ensuring that your bra lasts longer. This mainly occurs where the cups meet the under-band (two rows of stitching have been added there) and where the cups meet the wings.

Elastic has also been thought out and is definitely not an after thought, all the elastic needs to stretch a certain amount (and not stretch a certain amount) and have a good recovery. Whole cute designs have been scrapped at the wearing fitting trials due to the elastic not being right.